August 29, 2022

Back To School

Parents always want the very best for their children. They want them to have the best home life, meet the best people and have the best education. Parents often decide where to settle down based on what is best for their children. They want safe neighborhoods, a great community, and of course, an excellent school system. Sacrifices must be made often. It is rare to find a location where all three points are available. At times you must pick which is most important and settle on the others. However, that is not always the case. A great community in the Texas Panhandle offers all three points and so much more, Pampa, TX!

Pampa is a community that is focused on safety, community involvement, and reinvesting into its schools! During the Summer of 2022, Pampa Independent School District has continued to upgrade its schools across the city. Upgrades at Pampa High School made different entrances more handicap accessible, while upgrades at Austin Elementary will help the traffic flow for busy school mornings. Not only is Pampa ISD upgrading its infrastructure, but the school system also continues to hire and retain some of the best teachers in the State of Texas. The school system is a hybrid blend of experienced longevity and hungry youth. Pampa ISD employs teachers who care about their students. Teachers that go the extra mile to ensure that students feel safe and welcomed while also retaining the information they teach. Your child deserves the very best and Pampa ISD is making sure they get that at schools in Pampa.

A beautiful town full of possibilities








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