July 21, 2021

The Story of Pampa, TX

Pampa, Texas is known for its history and its ability to adapt to the future to continue to have a business community that meets the needs of the Eastern Texas Panhandle.

Pampa began as an agricultural community that benefited greatly from being on a main rail line. In 1903, T.D. Hobart, the manager of The White Deer Lands, would board trains passing through the small town of Pampa to encourage settlers to makeGray County their home.  Hobart was very successful in convincing many families of the opportunity afforded by the land and the climate.   Soon the population of Pampa began to grow.

Businessmen and women saw potential in the town.   In 1910, Pampa boasted of three hotels, two banks, lumber yards, blacksmith shops and dry goods stores.  

The 1920’s was a roaring time across the nation and Pampa was no exception.  Oil was discovered inGray County and the area experienced its first economic boom.  People came and businesses were established.

Ranching and oil profits transferred into office buildings and service businesses being established. The Combs-Worley building was built in 1931 and is still stands tall asa 5-story business hub with 33 suites of office space.

The Hughes Building was completed in the early 1950’s and was home to Cabot Corporation’s Southwest division head office.  The penthouse of this building served as living quarters for executives who would visit from Boston during those years.

Oil and agriculture pumped money into the local economy through jobs.  Pampa became known as a place to work as well as shop for residents of the surrounding counties.

Pampa leaders had a dream of giving young people and those wishing to continue their education an opportunity to do that while staying in Pampa.   A beautiful, state of the art campus was finished in 1999.  Today,Clarendon College, Pampa Center offers courses to be certified in nursing, cosmetology, welding, and other professional fields.

Pampa’s future is bright as oil, agriculture, manufacturing, wind energy and internet technology are all finding Pampa as a great place for the opportunity to grow and expand.  We welcome you to come and see.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you to fulfill your dreams.

A beautiful town full of possibilities








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